Updated Tuesday March 21, 2017 by Oakland Dynamites Youth Football & Cheer .

Oakland Dynamites Youth Football and Cheer Inc., is a non-profit volunteer organization providing our youth with a quality program committed to mentoring them with life skills through the fundamentals of football, cheer, sportsmanship, health and wellness, and building of team character in an effort to further their development as future leaders of our community.
Oakland Dynamites Board Members and coaches are dedicated to providing quality supervision and safety while teaching the fundamentals of youth football and cheerleading in a positive and supportive environment for the youth of our community.  Our goal is for them to have fun, maintain a positive attitude while striving for academic excellence and a healthier way of life.
Everyone loves to win. However, it’s not the final numbers on the scoreboard that reflect how the Dynamites judges a “WINNING SEASON.” We consider our season a success when we’ve met the following objectives:
  • Our athletes had fun.
  • Our athletes increased their skill level in football and cheerleading.
  • Our athletes achieve academic excellence during the season and beyond.
  • Our athletes developed discipline, teamwork, compassion, persistence, and self-esteem.
  • Our parents enjoyed watching their athletes and had a good time actively participating in the Dynamite program.
  • Everyone, both adults and athletes, conducted themselves with sportsmanlike behavior both on and off the field.
  • Everyone, adults and athletes, exhibited grace and humility in victory; and when the scoreboard was not in our favor, took pride in having given our best as a team.
We believe we exist to provide every athlete with a chance to gain skills and experience by being a part of a team. We believe that our coaches strive to treat each athlete with patience and fairness, and that team assignments and placements are determined by the best fit for the team.